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Safe Jobs Collaborative

The Safe Jobs Collaborative is a unique employment program connecting employers with job-ready survivors of human trafficking or individuals at risk of being trafficked. A lack of employment opportunities is one of the most serious barriers individuals face when attempting to rebuild their lives after escaping a trafficker.

"But I can tell you that running was not the hard part. The hard part was choosing poverty. The hard part was starting over at age 26, with an 8-year-old girl, being homeless. The hard part was having a criminal record, a huge gap in job history, and more trauma than any person should live with. The hard part was 'What now?'"

Rebecca Bender
Founder & CEO, The Rebecca Bender Initiative

Benefits of Being a Safe Jobs Employer

Recruit from an untapped, diverse pool of talent. Applicants are prescreened and receive ongoing job readiness and wrap-around support from social service agencies.
Ongoing support pre-and-post hire​
Attend valuable training to address stress, trauma, and resilience in the workplace.
Receive public recognition from BEST.
Help meeting diversity goals​
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"Employers often overlook young people who lack traditional qualifications. But, for many of the young people involved in our job training programs, their life experiences have made them resilient, motivated, and loyal - all qualities that are a great benefit to employers who give them a chance."

Melinda Giovengo
CEO, YouthCare
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How to Become a Safe Jobs Employer

1. Complete a survey on your workplace culture, policies, pay, and benefits
2. Attend the Stress, Trauma, and Resilience Training
3. Interview applicants from the Safe Jobs Collaborative
4. Adopt policies against sex buying and human trafficking

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