Communications and PR

Communications & Public Relations

It’s hard to get communications about human trafficking right. BEST enables your organization to publicize your social responsibility in a manner that is accurate and respectful to survivors of trafficking and the vulnerable communities most impacted by trafficking. The following are samples of our work.

Not Alone Campaign

Not Alone Campaign

Funded by the State of Washington, BEST created Not Alone, a national campaign designed by and for individuals with lived experience of human trafficking. The campaign gained 54 partners and achieved a potential reach of 10 million impressions through earned media, social media, and advertising.

Port of Palm Beach

BEST supported the Port of Palm Beach with internal and external communications to launch Ports to Freedom training, draft a press release, and provide interviews for local media. The Port gained 11 media stories with a potential reach of over 71 million impressions.

Port of Palm Beach BEST campaign
Asian American Hotel Owners Association BEST Campaign

Asian American Hotel Owners Association

BEST provides ongoing communications support on the issue of human trafficking for the largest hotel ownership association in the world, supporting press releases, member communications, and training as well as authoring numerous articles for Today’s Hotelier.


BEST partnered with Lyft to train their drivers in the run up to the Superbowl, gaining 11 media stories and with 7.6 million potential impressions.

Lyft BEST campaign
Port of Seattle BEST campaign

Port of Seattle

BEST provides ongoing support for the Port of Seattle’s internal and external communications on human trafficking, bringing credibility to the Port’s investments in their local community.

"Not only has BEST been instrumental in training our members about the importance of preventing human trafficking, but BEST’s team has also assisted with excellent marketing, communications, and public relations strategies that have helped promote this benefit to our members."

Neal Patel
AAHOA Chairman