When We All Choose to Give Together, it Adds Up to a Lot

Our biggest day of charitable giving of the year is coming up on May 8.
April 24, 2019

​Our biggest day of charitable giving of the year is coming up on May 8. That’s the day BEST is participating in GiveBIG—the one-day online giving event where thousands of big-hearted people band together to help raises funds to support nonprofit organizations.

Every dollar counts even more! GiveBIG is the only time of year that your donation dollars to BEST will be doubled or even tripled by some special donors who are dedicated to BEST! All gifts will be doubled, and gifts of $100 or more will be tripled, maximizing your impact to BEST.

This year, BEST’s goal is to raise $25,000 dollars to help interrupt and prevent human trafficking, and to employ trafficking survivors. Here’s what we do:

We Raise Awareness about Human Trafficking

BEST raises awareness about the impact that human trafficking has on victims and employers. BEST provides online and in-person training to help employees recognize human trafficking and proactively prevent exploitation. We offer training for business leaders and general staff, training for hotel managers and their staffs, and our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course helps educate legal professionals about the risks surrounding sex trafficking.  

We Provide Professional Consulting for Business Leaders

BEST empowers employers to help victims and prevent exploitation through their day-to-day business operations. BEST provides free resources, including; best practices to prevent sex trafficking, an online self-assessment, and strategic advice. BEST also supports employers to develop anti-trafficking strategies, as well as how to implement workplace policies and provide internal communications that help prevent human trafficking.

We are Creating a Pipeline to Employment

A lack of alternative employment opportunities is one of the most serious barriers for people seeking freedom from a trafficker. To address this problem, BEST’s Safe Jobs Collaborative connects people who have been trafficked with safe, stable employment. BEST provides employers with training and support, while working with local service agencies to connect human trafficking survivors who are seeking work with Safe Jobs employers.  

You Can Join the Movement

Be part of the movement to take a stand against human trafficking. Join us between now and May 8, and schedule your donation on our GiveBIG Profile Page. All pre-scheduled donations will be processed on May 8th, the day of GiveBIG.

Together, we can all make a difference.