Waldron provides job prep workshops for survivors

One of the most difficult barriers to recovery for people exiting a life of exploitation is a lack of economic alternati
March 15, 2019
Some of Waldron's workshop leaders: Megan Malcolm, Alyssa Tedder-King, Patsy Clark, Loribeth Dalton and Heather Mohler.

One of the most difficult barriers to recovery for people exiting a life of exploitation is a lack of economic alternatives. Most human trafficking victims in the US are first exploited in their teens. So, when they try to escape their traffickers, many survivors may be lacking in education, job experience, identification documents, a resume, a bank account, or even a stable place to live.

All of this can make it difficult for survivors when applying for a job. That’s where BEST’s newest program, the Safe Jobs Collaborative, can help. This new program connects human trafficking survivors to employers willing to interview them and offers support throughout the job application process, while at the same time, social services agencies provide survivors the support they need to be able to successfully enter the workforce.

One of the first employers to join the Safe Jobs Collaborative was Waldron, a consultancy that helps organizations and their team members achieve their full potential through their Career Transition, Effective Organizations and Executive Search practices. Waldron is now offering 10 job search workshops a year for human trafficking survivors in the Safe Jobs program. These workshops provide help with resume writing, finding job opportunities, and interviewing skills. Many of the survivors in the program are youth who have not had a long-term job before, so Waldron’s employment workshops are helping survivors understand what to expect in the application and interview process and giving them confidence while job-hunting.

The workshops have received positive feedback from survivors. Before leaving, most of the survivors say they are feeling confident in themselves and the skills they have to offer a future employer. Managing Director of Career Transition, Kate Lang explains, “Helping them gain that kind of confidence will help them be able to ace an interview and land a good job. All people need that. Not just human trafficking survivors. Every person needs to hear how good they are. At Waldron, that’s what we do. We help people see what they have to offer to the world.”

Waldron was founded in 1980. Today, they have offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Phoenix. They are a purpose-driven B-Corp that recognizes the potential social good that organizations and people make to their communities. They partner with many corporate, public sector and non-profit organizations who are invested in their talent and leadership. Waldron is actively involved in many important causes, which is why they began working with BEST to help tackle the problem of human trafficking.

“Waldron is proud to be a part of this program,” says Lang. “What drew us to BEST was the idea of getting to do some good for an under-served group of people who are struggling looking for work. They’re working to turn their life around, and they need the type of help that we have expertise with. It was just a natural fit for us.”

For more information about the Safe Jobs Collaborative, or to learn how to sign up for an employment workshop, contact: felisha@bestalliance.org.