The Texas Hotel & Lodging Association launches BEST's training

The real heroes in the war against human trafficking are often people doing everyday jobs who notice something usual.
September 16, 2018

The real heroes in the war against human trafficking are often people doing everyday jobs who notice when something is unusual. Human traffickers often use hotels as the site of their crimes, but diligent hotel employees who have been trained to recognize and report a potential trafficking situation can make all the difference in the life of someone who has been trafficked. For this reason, BEST is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association (THLA). BEST and THLA have teamed up to provide online Inhospitable to Human Trafficking (ITT) training to THLA’s 3,700 hotel members.

Starting September 10, 2018, BEST’s training will be provided to all THLA member hotels. BEST’s training explains the truth about human trafficking. Hotel staff and managers will hear from other hospitality professionals and law enforcement officers, as well as human trafficking survivors, in BEST’s video-based training. The goal of BEST’s ITT training program is to help hotel staff understand that human trafficking is not a victimless crime—trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerable people that leads to severe abuse, trauma, and violence. When human trafficking happens on hotel properties, it’s dangerous for victims, employees, and other guests of the hotel. It can also impact guests’ assessment of the safety of the hotel and damage brand reputation. BEST’s training explains, in detail, how hotel employees can recognize the signs of trafficking and report potential situations to management.

In order to protect both human trafficking victims and member brands, THLA is encouraging every hotel employee to receive training through BEST’s ITT training. BEST welcomes this new partnership and is grateful to the THLA for their commitment to preventing human trafficking and exploitation. It is sure to have an immense and positive impact in the lives of the men, women, and children who are being exploited in the great State of Texas.