Dressember 2022: Wear a Dress Every day in December to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

November 15, 2022

In 2009, our friend Blythe Hill started a quirky style challenge she called Dressember. Several years later, the challenge led to a campaign to end human trafficking around the world. Now more than 21,000 advocates in 62 countries have come together to raise $16 million and counting—all while wearing a dress.

Hear directly from Blythe in the Dressember Documentary about how a style challenge became a global movement to disrupt the $150 billion human trafficking industry. Listen as trafficking survivors, Dressember advocates, and staff members, share their stories and articulate why advocacy matters. Finally, learn how you can be a part of ending exploitation for good—simply commit to wearing a dress or tie for 31 days this December and fundraise for anti-trafficking programs around the world (including ours at BEST!)

BEST is a proud members of the Dressember Network, which is a community of 20 organizations that support programs across advocacy, prevention, intervention, and survivor empowerment. When you support Dressember, you help dismantle human trafficking holistically and in a way that prioritizes survivor needs and voices.

Dressember believes that when enough people use their voices to advocate for change, things begin to shift. Together, we're fighting for the dignity of all people and showing the world that you can do anything in a dress. Sign up for the Dressember 2022 Style Challenge today!