BEST Basics offers free online anti-trafficking training for all businesses

Most responsible businesses may know about the supply chain problem of human trafficking
March 20, 2019

Most responsible businesses may know about the supply chain problem of human trafficking and have taken precautions to make sure their suppliers are not using products made with slave labor. But many businesses know far less about the risks sex trafficking presents to their own organizations.

Human trafficking is not something that only occurs in other countries. It’s happening right here, right now, even right inside many US businesses. To help businesses understand the truth about labor and sex trafficking, BEST has launched a new training—BEST Basics—and is providing it free to businesses across all industries so more workplaces can train their employees.

Human trafficking is now the fastest growing crime in the world, yet workplace training about human trafficking awareness is one of the biggest training gaps in many businesses, posing a risk for businesses who fail to address this issue.

BEST has found that a peak time to solicit sex online is 2:00 pm, right in the heart of the work day. Employees even at reputable businesses can be using company time, resources, and even company vehicles or properties to facilitate the crime of sex trafficking. When employees are arrested for sex trafficking, this crime can not only greatly damage a company’s reputation, but it can open a business up to potential legal ramifications.  

The best action for businesses is prevention, and that starts with training. By training employees about human trafficking awareness, corporate leaders can help foster a workplace culture that takes a stand against the exploitation of vulnerable people through human trafficking. BEST Basics offers businesses the opportunity to train all their employees for free, using a simple 20-minute video that employees can watch online. To learn how to access this valuable training resource, visit our BEST Basics web page.