BECU and BEST partner to support survivors to employment

March 12, 2024

Boeing Employees’ Credit Union, perhaps better known as BECU, is a Washington based, member-owned credit union committed to improving the financial well-being of its members and communities. This mission is rooted in its early goals to help others when they needed it most, which is continuing today through BECU’s philanthropic community giving initiatives. BEST is proud to be a charitable recipient of BECU’s community support. BECU is investing in workforce development for survivors of human trafficking in King County through the Safe Jobs Collaborative. This program connects victims and survivors of human trafficking with trauma-informed employers to provide safe, stable employment. Safe Jobs participants are also supported through direct service providers, who can connect them with safe housing, reliable transportation, or workforce development training. This holistic approach reduces the likelihood a participant will fall back into the cycle of exploitation.    

Financial barriers are often major factors in the inability of victims of human trafficking to be able to leave their exploitative situation. Poverty is one of the single greatest predictors of vulnerability for trafficking. When people are homeless, or when they are struggling to pay for food, rent, or healthcare, they can become desperate for solutions, and this makes them a target for human traffickers.  

Human trafficking victims are often first exploited as children, so many survivors are lacking in education, work experience, employment references, or a permanent address. Once human trafficking survivors do gain employment, they are often faced with employer expectations and work situations that are unfamiliar, and they need extra wrap around services to be able to successfully transition to the workforce. Therefore, one of the greatest barriers for people who are at-risk of trafficking is a lack of economic opportunity and finding financial independence is extremely difficult without help. That’s where BECU steps in. By sponsoring BEST’s Safe Jobs Collaborative, this credit union is helping human trafficking survivors get connected with safe employment.  

“At BECU, we believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to take care of their financial health and gain equitable access to services that improve their well-being,” said Tisha Held, Philanthropy and BECU Foundation Manager. “We are proud to support the Safe Jobs Collaborative and the steps they are taking to help human trafficking survivors rebuild their lives, receive workforce development, and strengthen our local communities for the long-term.”  

Human trafficking victims often face financial manipulation during their exploitation. Poor credit scores and adverse consumer reports can hinder survivors’ access to safe housing, job opportunities and financial assistance, posing significant challenges as they strive to rebuild their lives after trafficking. But this new partnership between BECU and BEST underscores the crucial role that financial institutions can play in supporting survivors. By investing in the Safe Jobs Collaborative, BECU demonstrates its commitment to social justice and economic empowerment and undoing the systemic barriers survivors face on their journeys to healing.  

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