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BEST helps employers leverage their unique position as marketplace influencers to provide effective and sustainable solutions to the crisis of human trafficking.

BEST identifies the positive steps individual employers can take to protect their operations while engaging employees and customers in exciting corporate responsibility efforts.

"The California Hotel and Lodging Association is pleased to endorse BEST as our exclusive human trafficking awareness training provider. This training was designed for our industry - it allows hotel owners and operators to meet the state’s new human trafficking awareness training requirement and provides California’s lodging industry with the education necessary to help protect innocent victims and increase employee safety."

Lynn S. Mohrfeld
President and CEO
California Hotel and Lodging Association​

Four Consulting Packages

Package 1: Create your strategy

Don't be caught off guard by a public scandal or lawsuit. Know your areas of vulnerability and prioritize the steps to protect your organization while helping to prevent exploitation of vulnerable children in your community.

Create Your Strategy
customize policies and communications

Package 2: Customize policies and internal communications

Develop robust policies that align with your core values. Communicate those values appropriately to inspire and engage employees.

Package 3: Train your employees

License BEST's online training or develop your own internal training on human trafficking. Gain the expertise of an educator with a PhD from a top universities, with fifteen years of experience educating adults and on-the-ground experience working with trafficking survivors, law enforcement, and business employees. BEST has trained employees of more than 150 businesses across the US.

Train your employees
Publicize Your Leadership

Package 4: Publicize your leadership

Telling your story about sex trafficking prevention is a compelling way to increase customer and employee loyalty while also protecting your reputation. Criminals are less likely to exploit employers who are paying attention. The sensitivity of this topic creates a special challenge for PR teams. Create messaging that is accurate, respectful of trafficking survivors, and appropriate for your audience.

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